NAILSEA RELATED WEBSITES - Website of the Nailsea Town Council - Local watercolour artist specialising in finely detailed paintings of countryside, seascapes and town views. Much of his work features the rich countryside around Nailsea and the surrounding area

PAGES WITH ARTICLES ABOUT NAILSEA’S HISTORY - The National Trust’s webpage dedicated to Tyntesfield - The National Trust’s webpage dedicated to Clevedon Court which houses a lovely collection of Nailsea glass - The Close is a group of houses in Nailsea, North Somerset that was designed in1933 by the Architect Robert Maclaren Love

LOCAL SOCIETIES AND ORGANISATIONS - Website of Somerset Archaeological & Natural History Society - Website for The Regional History Centre at the University of the West of England - Website of the Bristol & Avon Family History Society

GENERAL LOCAL HISTORY - Website of the Local History Magazine - Website for the British Association for Local History - Bristol Record Office - Our strongrooms contain thousands of documents which together form a picture of Bristol's past. These contain the records of the City of Bristol from medieval times, together with those of other bodies such as the District Councils, Urban and Rural Sanitary Authorities, the Diocese of Bristol, and "Public" records which include those of Quarter and Petty Sessions, County Court, the Coroner, hospitals, as well as shipping registers and crew lists.

There are also records of businesses, trade unions, schools and societies, estate papers of local families, most especially the Smyth family of Ashton Court with their voluminous correspondence dating from Tudor times. Every letter, photograph, film, bill or programme has its part to play and the City Archivist is always pleased to receive new deposits or to be informed when records are at risk of dispersal or destruction.

ARCHAEOLOGY - Website of Current Archaeology magazine. has extensive links to national, regional and local organisations involved in archaeology - An Archaeological study of the Nailsea Glassworks, compiled by Andrew Smith of the Avon Archaeological Unit, can be viewed at this site. - Avon Industrial Buildings Trust (AIBT) is a small charity that has been working for 25 years to preserve the industrial heritage of the Bristol/Avon area - a region that AIBT claims to be one of the birthplaces of the Industrial Revolution as many of the industrial process were at the cutting edge of the technologies of their time. Their website looks to champion this heritage and includes information on Middle Engine Pit Nailsea.