Free Pennant

An ongoing project is the publishing of all issues of "Pennant" ( the Society's journal) on the website, from summer 1992 to present. It is intended to add a few editions every few months.

Early editions will reflect text only, with more recent editions reflecting text and incorporating the as published images and graphics.

Readers are, however, reminded that where many years have passed since original publication, any queries should be made via, ignoring any contact names and addresses within the published document.

The following ebooks have been made available, so that an individual may download and read these documents, for private research purposes only. They must not be reproduced or passed to a third party without written permission of the copyright holders.

 [PDF file 210k]
No 1 Summer 1992  [PDF file 130k]
No 2 Autumn 1992  [PDF file 155k]
No 3 Winter 1993  [PDF file 220k]
No 4 Summer 1993  [PDF file 295k]
No 5 October 1993  [PDF file 290k]
No 6 January 1994  [PDF file 300k]
No 7 April 1994  [PDF file 240k]
No 8
 [PDF file 295k]
No 9
 [PDF file 250k]
No 10
 [PDF file 260k]
No 11
 [PDF file 245k]
No 12
[PDF file 295k]
No 13
[PDF file 355k]
No 14
[PDF file 340k]
No 15
[PDF file 365k]
No 16
[PDF file 260k]
No 17
[PDF file 270k]
No 18
[PDF file 305k]
No 19
[PDF file 365k]
No 20
[PDF file 323k]
No 21
[PDF file 367k]
No 22
[PDF file 377k]
No 23
[PDF file 155k]
No 24
[PDF file 171k]
No 25
[PDF file 390k]
No 26
[PDF file 510k]
No 27
[PDF file 270k]
No 28
[PDF file 340k]
No 29
[PDF file 295k]
No 30
[PDF file 475k]

To view the above documents you will need a PDF file viewer such as Adobe Acrobat Reader. If you do not have an Acrobat Reader you can download one freely from:  Get Adobe Acrobat Reader