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The following publications are not available from the Society. However, they can be purchased by directly contacting the author

Tyntesfield in WW II: The Story of an American Army Hospital 1943-1945 and the Tyntesfield Village 1946-1960
by Michael Boyce

After more than three years painstaking research Michael Boyce has put together the history of the “American invasion” of Tyntesfield and its aftermath.

In a most attractive book of over 200 pages he has managed to weave the story of what really happened during those years and also to include over 100 photographs.

The realities of war experienced by the members of the 56th and 74th General Hospitals are balanced with local romances and the use of the hospital buildings for civilian use in the years following the war.

The author includes descriptions of the work of the hospitals from official sources and personal anecdotes from serving members at the hospitals and also local people.

Much information has been obtained from archives in the USA. The hospital was described in the Baltimore Sun 14 March 1944 in glowing terms without revealing its actual position

“Somewhere in England – doctors, nurses and enlisted personnel in an army general hospital unit recently set up in Great Britain have assumed the dual capacity of medics and engineers in establishing their group in an area which a few months back was pasture land ........”

This book has been privately published and may be obtained from:

Michael Boyce
1 Vicarage Road
Coalpit Heath
BS36 2RT

To order send a cheque [payable to Michael Boyce] for £15.50 inc p&p, and don’t forget to add your address with your order.

For further details either email Michael at mdb100@btinternet.com or telephone (01454) 778801

THE STORY OF FLAX BOURTON: A Village and its People
by Brian Mayled

This book attempts to trace the story of the village from its ancient beginnings through to the present day using glimpses into the history on which the current homes are built. It is hoped that some readers will be encouraged to do their own research into their own little bit of the settlement and thus fill out the story from their perspective.
(Published Dec 2008).

24 x 16.5 cm’s, paperback, perfect-bound, 79 pages, over 30 illustrations.    £8.99 + £1.48 p&p  

To place an order, please contact the author by telephone on (01275) 463 336, or via his publishers email windflower.books@btinternet.com