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MEMORIES - Backwell, Nailsea, Tickenham and Wraxall in World War Two - Evacuees Starfish and Things that go bump in the night
By Peter Wright

70 years after VE day with the aid of Nailsea Town Council and N&DLHS this book contains the result of 25 years research and provides memories of Evacuees, Starfish and Things that go bump in the night from over 100 individuals.

On 2nd September 1939 evacuees from both east and west London arrived. The next day during the service at Chelvey the Rector announced to his congregation “We are at War”.

Eileen met the boy who would become her husband on the first day after they arrived, while Frank and Joyce, head boy and girl of the Hammersmith School, married in April 1946. Frank describes his time as a “Bevin Boy” when he was conscripted. Later children and troops from other countries were also to be seen and the “Americans” came to Tyntesfield. There are many other accounts of the trials and tribulations of life in war time and as can be seen from the contents the scope is far wider than can be described here.

A5 paperback, perfect bound, 300 pages

Available to personal shoppers only from Nailsea Town Council offices at the Tithe Barn, near Holy Trinity Church, price £13.50

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For a PDF of the book contents click HERE

MY LIFE ON THE LINE - Memories of my escape from France 1940/41 by Victor Badman
Edited by Peter Wright

Having failed to reach Dunkirk Victor was trapped in Northern France. Hidden for several months by a French family he was eventually passed down “Pat O’Leary’s” escape line. Reaching Vichy France he was promptly interned. With the prospect of the German’s taking complete control of that part of Southern France he decided to escape. Having successfully got out of the prison with others he travelled over the Pyrenees but was then held in Spain. Finally he was moved to Gibraltar followed by a journey by sea to England and Freedom.

In the adventures recounted here amongst other stories you will find his surprise at being able to inspect a Luftwaffe air base in full view of the guards. You will also discover how the trousers of a pre-war racing driver aided Victor and his companions.

PDF ebook supplied on a CD in A5 & A4 formats, as well as a .mobi version that can be viewed on an Amazon Kindle or other ‘Mobipocket’ compatible reader, £5.00
Please note that this IS NOT an audio disk

Edited by Peter Wright & Trevor Bowen

This is an edited compilation of two books written by Jack Hart, one time Licensee of the Queen's Head. In this new book, which is copiously illustrated with photographs from the Society archive, Jack recalls work and leisure in Nailsea between 1900 and the start of World War 2.

A5 paperback, perfect bound, 65 pages £7.00  

by Wilfred Rew, Doris Christie, Eileen Parker and Phyllis Horman

Written by a brother (Wilf Rew) and his three sisters this book covers their memories of Wraxall School over 23 years together with an impression of Nailsea school during the war years.

Wilf has added his memories of his time as an uncertificated teacher in the thirties at several schools in Somerset.

A4 spiral bound, 29 pages £5.00

by Dr Margaret Thomas & David Cains

For contents click HERE
For two sample pages click HERE

A5 paperback, £5.00

prepared by John Brain and Dennis Stansfield

An alphabetical list of all graves in the 1924 and 1943 extensions. Two parts relating to the 1924 graves in order of graves and also 1943 similarly.

A4 spiral bound, 42 pages £6.00


by John Brain and Dennis Stansfield

This book relates to the old graveyard and was produced by the Society from information held by John Brain (who has been involved with St Andrews for more than 60 years) and typed by Dennis Stansfield

It is a reference book in 3 parts.
Part 1 is an alphabetical index by surname, First Names and Grave number.
Part 2 is in grave number order and lists the details from each memorial stone.
Part 3 shows additional Inscriptions in grave number order.
Plans are included showing the approximate position of graves.

John and Dennis are currently working on providing data for a similar reference volume relating to the new churchyard. [UPDATE Oct 06 - See above]

A4 spiral bound, 48 pages £7.50


The remarkable story of the rise and decline of this world famous Glassworks which operated from 1788 until 1873. Its partnerships, employees, manufacturing techniques, social life and buildings are all described in this popular book.

A5 paperback, 55 pages, £3.50.


During the period c1500 - 1890, some 27 pits operated in this outlying area of the Bristol & Somerset coalfield. This comprehensive account of mining the geologically complex and narrow seams includes details of the major concerns, including Middle Engine Pit, now a scheduled monument.

A5 paperback, 52 pages, £3.50.

by Peter Wright

Hundreds of dates (by year in chronological order) extracted from the large number of publications about Nailsea and the surrounding villages of Wraxall, Backwell and Tickenham. An invaluable quick reference for local historians.

A5 spiral bound, 66 pages, £4.00. Reduced!

NAILSEA - A SHORT HISTORY by Margaret Thomas

A very readable introduction to the history of Nailsea from Stone Age to the present commuter town.

A5 paperback, 56 pages, £3.50.

NAILSEA COURT - THE STORY. PART 1 - 13th TO 20th CENTURIES edited by Peter Wright

A reprint with illustrations of "The Book of Nailsea Court" by Silvia Hope Evans, published in 1923.

21 x 27 cms, paperback, 61 pages, £8.99.

NAILSEA COURT - THE STORY. PART 2 - 19th TO 20th CENTURIES edited by Peter Wright

"Despair & Repair". Based on Rev. Frederick Brown's 1876 "History and Antiquities of Nailsea Court". Contains new articles and illustrations revealing the changes to the Court over two centuries and some information about the families who lived there.

21 x 27 cms, paperback, 63 pages, £8.99.


VILLAGES AT WAR edited by Peter Wright

Covering the villages of Nailsea, Backwell, Tickenham and Wraxall, the story is told in the words of those who lived there during the 2nd World War.

21 x 20 cms, paperback, 33 pages, £3.50.

PEACE FOR OUR TIME? edited by Peter Wright

Further 2nd World War memories of Nailsea, Backwell, Tickenham and Wraxall.

19 x 26 cms, paperback, 46 pages, £3.50.

WHILE THERE'S A COUNTRY LANE compiled by Peter Wright

A compendium of memories of evacuation and World War II in and around Nailsea.

20 x 26 cms, paperback, 68 pages, £6.00

Nailsea 1916 - 1923 - £4.00

Nailsea and The Great War - £4.00


A Short History of Chelvey £2.00
Backwell 1881 (names of the inhabitants) £1.00
Backwell 1891 Census £2.50
Boggie Meares and Queachy Fennes £1.50 Reduced!
Holy Trinity (extracts from Vestry Minutes and Church Wardens Accounts) £3.50
Holy Trinity - Tombstones £2.00
Mills on the Land Yeo £1.50
Mills - Further Discoveries £1.50
Nailsea 1881 - A View of the Village £1.50
Nailsea Parochial School Records 1877 - 1911 £4.50
Nailsea Village Gossip (extracts from Victorian Newspapers) £1.50
Nailsea Village Institute and Church House £1.00 Reduced!
Nailsea Village News (extracts from Victorian Newspapers) £1.50
Nailsea’s Old Roads and Tracks (South Nailsea)
Out of Print
No Return - A Novella depicting: The Life of Rachel Newton (1803-1855).
Overseas enquiries, apply to the author, email aoki@southcom.com.au
Tyntesfield - local memories £3.50
Who Made the Land Yeo? £2.00 Reduced!
Wraxall Court £3.00
Wraxall 1881 (names of the inhabitants) £1.00